Monday, November 9, 2009


The clean Bhutan Day was commenced in 2008 to make aware the Bhutanese on how important is it to keep our country clean. It has to start from every individual to contribute towards making the sorrounding clean. The Bhutanese society from every walk of their profession step out to the site in Tsirang to Participate on the day. The day started with the gathering of participants infront of the Dzong. Dasho Dzongdag shared the views on the importance of the Day and "every one of us should be responsible in keeping our sorrounding clean" he said. And in Addition Lam Neten also share his views on it and the participants were dispersed to their respective location identified in the earlier meeting.

Every individual is aware of the importance of keeing things clean and this is a reminder and putting the words into practice. The initiation will create everlasting image in the minds of every Bhutanese and it will all start with from their residence (micro level) to keeping sorrounding and locality (macro level) clean.

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