Thursday, February 11, 2010


The enthusiasm and eagerness to go out for training is dream for me and i was in a hurry to go out and see a new place and learn from the training. There was lots of burning eagerness in your mind and heart to go and see the new place. But once you are transported to another alien place through a sky route from your country, your burning flames of eagerness is no more and the flames are no more in your heart. Thats what human beings are, because they are not enlighten one and thats why we(I) are suffering in the samsara. You just think of when will be the time to go back and re-unite with your country and people.

Yet i am happy to have visited Japan. The country with huge infrastruture development and leading country in the world of developments. The People are racing against the time, there is no time for leisure, things are systematic, a very good transportation network where you feel that the car is not a swift means of transportation or a faster means of transportation. The Japan railway (JR) networks is so amazing that it covers all the major cities and towns with the net work which becomes complex for (us) me to go around the places. The language barrier made me difficult communicate and even travel around the places as words in public places are hardly written in English. with my very litlle lesson on Japanese language make the coversation complex even not understanding what am asking for.

The people are Budhist and Shinto...they have two religion.There are shrines for Shinto and Temple for buddhism. Kyoto Prefecture is famous for the tourist being a historical city. Its an Old capital of Japan and most traditional things and aspects of culture and heritage are located in Kyoto which makes them more famous to the world. The city has a good old cutural heritage of Shinto shrines and buddhist temples which has history of more than thousand years and centuries. The arts and craftsmanship are preserved and promoted and they are very keen on preserving and passing their cutural heritage to younger genartion which makes kyto prefecture a unique and a beautiful place to live.

On my participation in One world festival i met many japanese, and many whom i met with them Know about Bhutan and its beauty. Our peace and tranquility and the philosophy of GNH is a common things and the Attraction to the people. The philosophy betowed by our beloved Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the Fifth King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck ( people's King) sacrifices all his time and strength to realise the GNH through the services our king provides to the people.
The people are friendly, yet its very difficult to communicate.

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