Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The group were asked to prepare for a trip to Hiroshima visit. Next day we were boarding a shuttle bus from OSIC to Ibaraki JR and from there we went to Shin Osaka to board in the bullet train. After few more awaited minutes we boarded the bullet train which was once a fastest train on the planet. We reach the Hiroshima Prefecture and began our lectures and site visits in the afternoon. The visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Meseum next day reminded me of the very tragic history in the world. The history i learned in my shcool was just the tip of the information, and nothing more than that. The picture of atomic bombing and the video clips show how destructive a nuclear weapon is,and the 1945 atomic bombing has wiped out the population of Hiroshima and amongst that the lives of a very innocent children who were living there during the period and the effects of the nuclear weapons now.

Through this very tragic experience the people of Hiroshima has build a foundation of peace for all human kind. They have implanted the seeds of Peace in the hearts of every people living there and nurturing to reap the Fruit of Peace. The NPO works towards spreading the words of peace through the tragic historical experience. I would like to be part of them to spread my message to all, to work towards living in peace, so that the people on planet live happily and hand over our planet to the next genaration with more peace and tranquility. If the seed of peace is sowed in our heart, the fruits of peace wil be reaped.

Let there be PEACE on earth and PEACE only. My prayers for those who lost their lives are with them to rest their soul in peace.May God Bless us with PEACE.

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