Thursday, March 4, 2010


We use to use the statement "be on JAPANESE TIME", because we believe that Japanese are punctual and very strict of time. May be in our context the most common of crime is KILLING time, and on the contrary Japanese race against the time. Time is so precious and time is money for them and it will be for every one who respect time and trap the time for doing something good and positive. My opinion on their success and the economic growth ,climbing on top would be highly correlated to the time they spend in their organization and work. My friends and mates use to talk why they are all rushing and running always, when we saw them running in the rail way stations. we had no idea till.......we were in the same eituation once. We had field trip to one of the prefecture and when we return back, we hard just few minutes even less than 5 minutes to catch bus back to the centre where we stay, so we were running and fortunately able to catch the bus by few seconds earlier, puffing ourself....
We siad we felt like we are Japanese and knew that why are they always running and in hurry. Everything in Japan is revolved around the time to name few, starting from transportation to appointments.If we miss abus or a train by slightest os second you miss it, and you miss everything thereafter,....its in chain if u miss one you miss another because you are working with time and if time goes ahead of you, then you are left behind.
If we respect time, it makes us to respect all, who are around us and the success factor will be high. It develops our self respect and decipline and the ripple effectof this self respect and self decipline is beyond the boundry of our thoughts. It creates a chain of respect, coordination, and at the end the success is all we get through these chain reaction.


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